Strider – Master Sytem


It is the 21st Century. Earth was ravaged by series of ecological disasters that claimed the lives of millions. Out of the catastrophe, one man took control of what remains of the human race: Grandmaster Meio, a seemingly immortal and omnipotent man who is worshipped as a living god by his followers. With science, military and even the nature itself is on his side, Meio declared himself Emperor and formed the center of his empire in the Kazafu City, a massive city located in the Eastern Europe. He is ruling the world with an iron fist.

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Strider – Master Sytem


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Only force that can stop this man is Striders. A group of highly talented operatives who are skilled in infiltration, sabotage and assassination. Striders initiated a massive assault on the Meio’s forces, but despite their skills, all of them were cut to the last man.

Enter Strider Hiryu, youngest man to ever complete the hellish Strider training program with an A rank and only Strider left alive. Armed with his lethal plasma sword, climbing equipment, and a small amount of robotic weapons, Hiryu must face unsurmountable odds and save the humanity from the clutches of an evil god.

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