Spartan – Total Warrior – Nintendo Gamecube


  • Epic battles: hundreds of on-screen combatants fight simultaneously.
  • Beautiful cinematic environments: a wide variety of sweeping vistas, weapons, and foes push the power of the console.
  • A wide variety of characters: encounter Roman soldiers, skeleton armies, and classic mythological creatures.
  • Power moves: unleash spectacular power moves and acquire incredible new weapons and armour and earn favour and powers from the gods.
  • Varying mission structure: multiple objectives including escorting, capturing, destruction, discovery, and survival, keep the gameplay fresh.
  • Arena mode: experience pure combat action with friends.

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Spartan – Total Warrior – Nintendo Gamecube


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Creative Assembly, the creators of the 3.5 million selling Total War PC series, make their console debut with Spartan: Total Warriors.

Spartan: Total Warrior takes the player on a heroic journey for conquest against the malevolent Roman Empire. The Romans, under the bloodthirsty Emperor Tiberius, have seized control of much of the civilised world through ruthless violence, cruelty and oppression. Sparta alone remains defiant.

Throughout the annals of history the Spartans have never bowed to an enemy, earning a fearsome reputation as unconquerable super warriors yet even they have never faced a force as awesome as the legions of Rome. A lone Spartan must rally his army to fend off the Romans while also seeking legendary weapons to aid the Spartans in their plight. Eventually the Spartan must reach Rome and confront the awesome Roman Emperor of history, Tiberius.

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