Legend of the Dragon


  • 19 characters from the series are playable
  • Each character is capable of transforming
  • Players can move around freely in the outside universe or places of combat.
  • All the important places from the cartoon series are present in the game as combat arenas
  • 8 different game modes including Play Quest mode, Arcade mode, Training mode and Survival mode

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Legend of the Dragon


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Fight between good and evil – In legend of the Dragon, ancient Chinese ZODIAC signs fight with their mystical powers for a balance between light and dark. Guardians protect these twelve special abilities, but the evil ZODIAC master tries to usurp them all. Only one thing prevents him – golden Dragon. Ang, of all people, has to slip into this role. Twin sister Ling feels deeply humiliated by this choice and joins the dark side in revenge. In the struggle between good and evil, both sides have bracelets that transform different signs of the ZODIAC. 

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