Ghouls n Ghosts – Master System


One storm filled evening, Knight Arthur and his love, Princess Prin Prin were enjoying a quite night in the cemetery together, when they were beset upon by a winged Satan. The Satan dove and captured the princess, and disappeared with her before Arthur’s eyes. Without a moment’s hesitation, Arthur donned his knight armour and picked up his lance, and set forth to Astaroth’s castle where he knew he would find his abducted love.

Three years after those events, the Ghosts have returned with Ghouls for revenge, initiating a mortal holocaust on the Princess’ kingdom as beams of light struck through countless villagers, when Sir. Arthur returns to the village, his rescue attempt was too soon as his beloved Princess Prin-Prin also has her soul taken away from her body in front of his very eyes. Now it’s up to the heroic knight once again to slay his way to the hellish castle to defeat the evil Lucifer and his legion of demons and restore the souls of Prin-Prin and every mortal.

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Ghouls n Ghosts – Master System


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Master System

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