Double Dragon – Master System


In a city ravaged by war and corruption, law and order have taken a backseat to terror and violence.  Ruthless gangs rule the streets.  Crime and bloodshed are commonplace.  The city lives in fear.

Your name is Billy Lee.  Your twin brother is Jimmy Lee.  On the streets they call you the Spike, and your brother, the Hammer.  That’s because you are both masters without equal in the ancient martial arts of Kenpo and Kung fu.  You’ve got what it takes to survive in the meanest streets in the world!  And now, you’ve got troubles.

The Black Warriors, the meanest of the street gangs, is out for revenge: They want you dead.  To bring you out into their territory, they’ve kidnapped your sweetheart, the beautiful Mary Ann.

Now you must venture out into the war-torn wasteland to rescue Mary Ann, defeat the Black Warriors, and return law and order to your city.

In box with original booklet.

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Double Dragon – Master System


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Master System

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