Chicken Little: Ace in Action


  • Game control will utilize the innovative Nintendo wii controller to manage inventory and manipulate the in-game camera perspective simply by pointing at objectives.
  • Four new dynamic worlds to explore: Pluto, Saturn, Mars and the Moon
  • Four unique modes of game play: Ace on foot as a soldier, Runt as a tank commander, and Abby as the pilot of a spaceship and hovercraft
  • 24 mission thrill ride across the solar system with Ace, Runt and Abby taking turns blasting the bad guys

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Chicken Little: Ace in Action


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The original Chicken Little and his friends Abby, Runt and Fish we know from the original film are featured in cut scenes throughout the game. Chicken Little receives a copy of the latest video game starring his superhero alter ego and invites his friends to come over and play the game with him, in effect creating a video game within a video game. The look and feel of Disney’s Chicken Little: Ace in Action is an over-the-top parody of 1950s sci-fi films inspired by the glimpse into Ace’s world from the film.

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